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Northward Hound
Jennifer (603) 582-1830
New York City, NY
Pleasant Valley, PA
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Jennifer Isley has been in the "dog biz" for over 15 years. She
started walking dogs in Manhattan's Upper West Side in 2005. Jennifer eventually expanded her business to include petsitting
and light training. In 2007, Jennifer revolutionized the pet care
industry when she established the first ever of its kind, doggie
company...Northward Hound; taking dogs from the city
up to scenic New Hampshire and to historic Bucks County, PA. Northward Hound was featured on NBC News, the New York Post,
as well as other TV and
radio outlets, and dozens of magazines. In 2015, Jennifer made the move to Bucks County, PA, where along
with her husband, she pursued her dream of owning an old stone farmhouse. It is here in Bucks County, where Jennifer has begun
The Dog Den
. Jennifer offers dog walks, daycare and long-term petsitting. She knows how much she cares about her Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier (Jagger) and provides the same care for your
dog too.

Jennifer is aware of the myriad of people and apps out there
offering dog walks, dog care and petsitting, If you care about your
dog the way you do your child, then you want an experienced professional with your dog. Someone who has been doing this for
over 15 years, someone who has worked with and handled every
dog imaginable, someone with the experience to handle ANY
situation that could arise while in her care. Dogs are Jennifer's business... but more importantly, dogs are Jennifer's life.

Contact Jennifer today to talk about how she can help meet your
needs as well as your dog's.