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“I have sent my French Bulldog, ‘Lucy’ with Northward Hound for several long weekends in the last few years and can’t say enough about how great they are! I now plan my vacations around the Northward Hound schedule so I can travel without worrying about ‘Lucy’ sitting in a cage or windowless room. Whether my trip is for fun, work, or if I just want to send ‘Lucy’ to enjoy the country, Jennifer takes amazing care of the dogs. NoHo devotes the entire trip to making sure their city dogs get plenty of exercise, adventure and love. I’m actually jealous when I see the pictures. They all (dogs and people) seem to be having so much fun! ‘Lucy’ has even earned her own NoHo nickname. I love checking the Facebook page to see the pictures of the latest weekend adventures. My favorites are the pictures of all the dogs running on the beach and hiking in the woods. ‘Lucy’ always comes home tired, happy and squeaky clean. NoHo bathes the dogs with their own soap, I now use it at home – it’s so fresh! Using Northward Hound is so easy, they pick up/drop off, can arrange for extra walks prior to leaving for NH, or additional overnights before or after the trips. The dogs even come home with local NH goodies. I hope they expand to include owners some day!

‘Lucy’s’ Mom, Jennifer

‘Brinkley’ just loves to go on the Northward Hound weekend excursions with Jennifer and her doggie buddies. I’m so happy that I can send ‘Brinkley’ to New Hampshire where she can get plenty of fresh air, swim in the ocean, hike up a mountain and play with other dogs. What’s more important is that I know Jennifer is a professional and will take excellent care of ‘Brinkley’, so I can relax and have a worry-free weekend. ‘Brinkley’ always comes home from her Northward Hound trip in great spirits, tired and very clean – that’s when I know she had a wonderful weekend!!”

Brinkley'sMom, Helen
“Dogs don’t talk and can’t tell you how their day was while you were gone, but they do manage to convey how they’re feeling. My dog ‘Layla’ has gone on several Northward Hound weekend trips and always comes home smiling, happy and energized. I know this because, in addition to the many pictures that are posted, she plays better in the park and can now catch her beloved tennis ball on the fly. When it’s time to leave the park, she looks at me as if to say, “Wait a minute, I stayed out the whole day with Northward Hound – it’s camp for dogs!” I know she will have the best time and care when she is away with NoHo for the weekend and Jennifer always has her best interest at heart. When I know she’s safe and happy, I can have a great weekend, too.”

Layla’s’ Mom, Anna
When my dog ‘Leo’ goes on a Northward Hound trip, I know she’s happy and having a great doggie adventure. Jennifer takes great care of ‘Leo’ while she hikes, swims, explores and plays with other pups. I don’t have to worry about her because I know she’s in good hands. She comes home with a smile and smelling clean. I love to check out the photos of her fun trip on the Northward Hound Facebook page. I want to go, too!” 

‘Leo’s’ Mom, Sage
Our family has been using Northward Hound to board our dog ‘Lola’ for over 3 years. They offer three-day weekend get-a-ways to New Hampshire for dogs. Jennifer always takes excellent care of our pooch. The dogs get plenty of exercise and have lots of outdoor time, including beach excursions. During the weekends out of town, they post updates on Facebook, and they also send a postcard home along with a few candid pictures, so we can keep up with ‘Lola’s’ fun weekend. ‘Lola’ is always exhausted when she returns. We are so thankful that our city dog can get some much needed country time with Northward Hound.” 

‘Lola’s’ Mom, Angela
“The only time my dog does NOT exhibit separation anxiety is when he realizes he’s going on another Northward Hound trip. ‘Snoop’ immediately recognized Jennifer and jumped into the SUV with the other dogs as if to say, “I’m not missing out on all that NoHo fun this weekend”! Jennifer is a true animal lover.”

‘Snoop’s’ Dad, Patrick


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